2017 Grant Examples

We would like to show you two 2017 examples where grants from the Friends of Kent Churches have helped to recover structures from a deteriorating condition.


St Mildred, Tenterden – 2017

St Mildred, when they applied to us, had carried out a series of repairs required by the 2012 quinquennial and the one major repair still to be done was the renewal of the lead on the north aisle roof and the treatment of the timbers against death watch beetle.  The lead, it was thought, had been in place since 1847 and was showing signs of wear and render on the upstand of the parapet gutter had failed.

The church had already raised a good proportion of the money needed but an application to the Listed Places of Worship Roof Repair Fund had failed in 2015 and 2016 and they then applied to the Friends.  The Friends always recognise the importance of protecting every church against water ingress and were pleased to support the church with a grant.  The work has now successfully been carried out ensuring the church is waterproof this winter.

Exposed timbers



Damaged gutter and parapet wall









Wet rot damage to the plate










North aisle roof








Box gutter










New roof









New parapet and gutter











St Nicholas, Southfleet – 2017

St Nicholas applied to us for a grant in 2016.  The 2014 quinquennial had identified work that required attention within 2 years particularly conservation work to stones in the church tower and repointing plus repairs to quoins and bearing stones to the east wall.  Extensive repairs had been carried out 10 years earlier but the church had not had sufficient funds to carry out all the work needed then.

When we visited we were very impressed by the energy and enthusiasm of the congregation who were very keen to make the church the centre of the community and were planning ways to make the church more usable throughout the year and accessible to everyone.  They had been promised a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund but that did not cover the total needed and we were very pleased to give them a grant of £10,000.

And from 2015 and 2016 here are some more examples:-

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