Sandhurst and Hawhurst Churches

FKC was to have its AGM and church visits on 23 May but these have been postponed. The FKC intent is to have its AGM at Lenham on 17 October.

These photographs have deliberately been left on the website so website visitors can have a virtual view.

Photographs and descriptions are courtesy of Chris Rigby.


St Nicholas Church, Sandhurst, Kent

St Nicholas’ Church at Sandhurst is a beautiful 14th century Wealden church of sandstone with a sturdy tower overlooking the valley dividing Kent and Sussex, and is located in a rural setting at the edge of the village.

Fourteenth Century Sandstone Font St Nicholas Church, Sandhurst, Kent

The pattern of blind window carving adorning the bowl of the fourteenth century sandstone font enables it to be dated to the period circa 1320-1340AD. Although ‘Windowed’ decorated fonts are fairly common in the Midlands and elsewhere they are very rare in South East England, and fourteenth century fonts are uncommon in Kent.

The small Minton receptacle adjacent the font is a portable font which would be taken by the vicar to baptise persons, usually in their home or at an hospital, and usually young children, who were unable to attend church for the baptism ceremony due to illness or who were expected to die soon.


Tracery of Great East Window St Laurence Church, Hawkhurst, Kent

The Great East Window tracery is the chief architectural glory of St Laurence’s Church and is dated to circa 1350AD. It has been described as “one of the finest pieces of architecture in the County” and features a magnificent Curvilinear design. Also of interest is the adjacent tracery of the Lady Chapel window.

Sir John Herschel Memorial Window St Laurence Church, Hawkhurst, Kent

This single light detail illustrates two Wise Men from ‘The Wise Men and the Star’ window which is a memorial to the astronomer Sir John Herschel who worshipped beneath this window and is now buried in Westminster Abbey. The wording in the bottom right hand corner reads “This window replaces a memorial erected in 1872 to Sir John Herschel, the astronomer who came to reside at Collingwood in this Parish in April 1840 & died there on 11th May 1871. He worshipped here and occupied the seat below this window. He is buried in Westminster Abbey”.

St Laurence’s Church contains many fine examples of modern stained glass art inserted 1954-56 which replaced earlier windows destroyed by bomb damage during the Second World War although some medieval glass still remains.