Grants Feature – St Peter’s, Folkestone

St Peter’s has been a recent recipient of an FKC Grant and the pictures show the transformation of the inside of the church – from Mono to Poly ( -chrome, that is! ).

Church Warden, Dr David Wilson, has just sent us the sequence of photographs below and this report:-

“We have now finished the first part of this year’s works, being the internal refurbishment of the Church.

When we removed the paint from the walls to meet the conservators’ requirements, much to our surprise, we found the full original Victorian Anglo-Catholic brick work scheme underneath. This was so splendid, that we decided not to repaint it and although it has rather blown our budgets, it is wonderful to behold! I hope that you and the Committee (FKC) will have a chance to see it some time. In the meantime, we are currently reviewing our position but hope to proceed with the final works to the windows and Belfry over the second part of the year.

We held the annual Blessing of the Fisheries at the end of June. I expect that there were many Friends there, as the Archbishop of Canterbury was presiding this year. He publicly thanked the sponsors, including yourselves. It was quite a day.

With my thanks and best wishes, Ultreia! – David”

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In The Begining

Cleaning and Revealing Brickwork

North Aisle










Mass during Works

Window and Brickwork – view 1







Window and Brickwork – view 2





















Polychromal Brickwork