Web person opportunity

The Friends of Kent Churches (FKC) are looking for someone to seek, receive and update content on their FKC website https://friendsofkentchurches.co.uk/

Using WordPress (just updated to 5.2.4) the site aims to be a prime source of information for upcoming events, making applications for grants and latest FKC news. There is a wide range of material on recent, visits and AGMs – from text record to commentary on an event (e.g. summer afternoon FKC organised church visits) with associated photographs. For a web person, text is straightforward to add to a page and pictures can readily be uploaded. Contributions typically come from organisers of events and from members who have been around Kent churches with cameras. For the annual Ride & Stride (R&S) Day advertising material with associated forms etc. tends to come in a batch from the R&S organiser. Time commitment is variable by month dependent on arrival of material – annually about seventy hours. There is the opportunity for the web person personally to create content, for example as a write up with pictures from a lecture or church outing.

If you are interested in expanding current web skills, acquiring new ones and making a contribution to this charity please contact the chair of the Executive Committee – Paul Britton at pauljjbritton@live.co.uk