Grant Application for a Roof Alarm



To deter the theft of lead from church roofs, the Allchurches Trust and Friends of Kent Churches are making grants towards the cost of installing roof alarms to churches in Kent (pre April 1965 boundaries).   Each Allchurches Trust grant is for 50% towards the cost of installing roof alarms to a maximum of £2500 – administration of the grant is through the Friends of Kent Churches.

The Friends of Kent Churches will also make a grant to help churches with the cost of installation which will normally be £2,000 but this will vary depending on the cost to the church.

Whilst it is anticipated that most alarms will be installed on lead roofs, the grants are not limited to these but apply to any sort of roof material.

We are keen to support the installation of roof alarms as the theft of lead is on the rise again despite new legislation and the attendant damage caused by water increase apart from the actual theft itself is very distressing as well as expensive.

Insurers will often reduce premiums or increase pay outs if alarms are fitted and this is especially important where churches have already had their lead stolen as insurers may not pay out for a second theft. Your insurer can give you more details.


 To apply for both an Allchurches Trust grant and a Friends of Kent Churches grant, please fill in the form on the FKC website and send to the secretary Deb Sutch whose contact details are at the bottom of the form.  There is no specific deadline for these grant applications.

Please note the following criteria:

  • The type of alarm and the supplier must be approved by your insurer.
  • You must have the approval of the appropriate denominational authority. 
  • You must undertake to annually maintain the alarm for at least five years. 
  • You must not have already received a grant from the Allchurches Trust for this purpose

 You will then receive confirmation that your application has been received and if in order that your application has been successful


 Once installed please request payment of your grants by sending Deb Sutch copies of written confirmation that:

  • The alarm has been installed and the cost, a bill will suffice. 
  • The type of alarm and supplier has been approved by your insurer. 

Further information can be obtained from the Hon. Secretary, Deb Sutch ( /01732 845559), Nevill Lodge, 4 Town Hill, West Malling ME19 6TF or Mary Gibbins ( /01732 870643).

Application Form can be viewed here as a PDF and can be downloaded here as a Document.