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Church Visits & Lectures

Upcoming Events

The following section gives details of our upcoming events. You will also find the Tickets Form, which is needed to apply to attend these events, together with payment instructions. You can download this Form by clicking on the ‘Download File’ box and then print it off. Members receive this same Form with the Annual Report in April.

Autumn 2023 & Spring 2024 Visits & Lectures

The 300,000 year old Swanscombe Skull was found close to the River Darent .The river and its valley were also an important part of Roman Kent evidenced by the villa at Lullingstone and a further 12 sites in the valley.Adding to the natural beauty of the Darenth valley(note different spelling due to a mistake by a cartographer on an 1804 map!)in the summer are the extensive lavender fields of Castle Farm between Otford and Shoreham.The farm is the largest producer of lavender oil in the UK and along with the 3 remarkable churches we will be visiting is well worth a trip.

For more information on these 3 churches and our 2 Lectures in October 2023 and March 2024 see the Autumn Newsletter which all Members will have received.

Please follow the instructions below in order to book and pay for these Church Visits & Lectures.


Past Visits and Lectures

Below are also some examples of past Visits and Lectures-just click on the pictures to find out more.

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