The Dregs of the People Remain; the Black Death and its Aftermath by Imogen Corrigan.

Imogen Cooper is an experienced lecturer who many will have heard before. After early 20 years in the army, she took a first class degree in medieval history, a life-long interest, at the University of Kent. She finds art, and especially church art, very helpful as evidence for her research and says that however lovely or bizarre the images might be, it fascinates her to try to get at the people who made them and to hear their voices speaking.

Her talk on the aftermath of the Black Death which started in the mid-14th century describes not only the changes to a community when half the population died but also a change in thinking about mortality demonstrated in church images, with an increased interest in what happens in the after-life, both optimistic and pessimistic and a greater interest in ex-pagan images and more demand for spiritual protection.