Between 2 and 3pm yesterday more than 40 of the total of 51 of us (the scaffolding rules proved to be a little fluent) had the memorable experience of seeing close-up the nearly-finished restoration of the south-west corner of the cathedral from the height of the nave roof. After donning hard hats and high vis jackets we were hoisted up and back in two groups to hear Mark Hosea, who has been in charge of the implementation of the Canterbury Journey for the past eight years.

He gave a fascinating account of the colossal amount that has had to be done and how many problems they faced every month many of which had been caused by the work of earlier generations. He was, however, kind to previous restorers, who had been doing their best with the materials available, acknowledging that in a hundred years time a new set of restorers may wonder why some the compromises made by this 2020s generation were made.

We then joined groups led by Cathedral guides who showed us some of the most interesting features with doubtless some variations depending on the personal preference of the guide. Tea with cake and excellent scones followed in the new shop area. In all a good outing confounding the rail strike, high winds and rain.